We understand that your time and money is important, that is why we have two different structures for the Small Business Owners that choose Adverteer.

For Owners who only need a little bit here and there, check out our hourly rate option. For the Owners who want to be hands-off because they are hands-on everywhere else, look into our fixed amount!


Who is it for?: Owner’s who do not want the lengthy upfront leg work, but know how to use their platforms. You know how to pump gas, but you also like it when someone pumps it for you. This option is probably best for you.

How much does it cost?: Adverteer has a flat hourly fee of $35. Whenever an Adverteer Team Member is working on your project, a timer starts. When they stop working on your project, the timer stops. We will update you constantly with milestones, drafts and edits so that you are comfortable with the work being done and the amount you are spending.

Hourly Model | Website Edits | 1 hour per week for 26 weeks | 26 hours @ $35.00 = $910.00

Fixed Amount

Who is it for?: Owner’s who hate marketing, hate websites, hate technology, but concede that they need it. Don’t worry, lots of people hate it, that’s why we employ people that love it! We will help you create new content and update your content across a fixed time period at a discounted rate.

How much does it cost?: When using the fixed amount method, you are committing to our services for a fixed amount of hourly time, discounting the hourly rate by 10%,

The fixed amount is going to change based on your business needs, but check out the ballpark costs below so that you can get a feel to see if this is an affordable option for you.

Fixed Model | Website Edits | 26 Hours @ $30.00 = $780.00 (Over $100 of savings)